Natasha Advani

"There is a vast difference between learning and transforming"-
Natasha Advani

Seeing the change in your life by applying what you have learnt is the true meaning of transformation. At times to transform, one needs to go through personal disruption. These workshops are exactly that.

Workshops Can Help You Experience
  • Feel like you can do more but are stuck? These workshops will teach you how to overcome them, discover your potential and reach your peak performance. 
  • Do you wish to earn more and improve your financial situation? Achieve your financial objectives by learning tried and tested practices and habits.
  • Facing personal and relationship problems? Join the workshops to learn how to enhance your relationships, solve issues and have a balanced equation with people in your life. 
  • You have the potential to excel and evolve into the person you know you can become. Learn how to manifest your goals in these workshops, boost your confidence and self-esteem for personal and business success. 
  • Fast paced life and cut-throat competition is affecting your health by stressing you out? With these workshops you can equip yourself with techniques that help you redirect your mind’s role in healing yourself and fighting stress.
  • Get rid of self-defeating habits, increase concentration, tackle your phobias and accelerate learning of new skills through these workshops.
Professional Certification and Recognition
  • Internationally Certified Coach by The International Coach Federation (ICF) – the world’s largest coaching association
  • Access Bar Practitioner/Access Body Process Facilitator 
  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
  • Train The Trainer Certification
  • Mind Mapping Practitioner
  • Participation in “Unleash The Power” by Tony Robbins
  • Ishma Award for Internationally Certified Trainer 2015 (featured on Care World TV Channel)
  • Featured in the Asian Age newspaper and (largest online MBA the education network)

Only regular practice can make the magic work on you.

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