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“I feel a sense of achievement in transforming lives, empowering people and seeing them reach their goals.”

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About Natasha

Natasha Advani is a certified life coach in Mumbai who is also a Internationally certified (ICF) Trainer, an international keynote speaker, author and an Energy alchemist. While exploring her life, she came across many people facing relationship issues, stress, and finding a way to fill their emptiness. Having dealt with childhood trauma herself , she has always had the zeal to help others. She understood the importance of spiritual wellness and mental wellness for different healing methods had worked well for her. It was then that she eventually decided to contribute to humanity by  transforming lives. She believes that transformation leads to true happiness, internal peace, and balance in life.  


To  spread human consciousness and have an oasis of wellness on planet Earth using advanced energy tools and techniques.


To take people from a struggling reality to manifesting the life they desire.

Brand manifesto

Right and wrong are the values of philosophy and not of the practical world. This world is all about finding one’s inner voice and being true to it. Transforming consciousness can nudge people to create wonders for themselves as well as others. Therefore, I wanted to create an oasis of wellness by transforming people’s self-limitations into self-actualization of their potential. It involves disrupting old systems and implementing actions that will transform your life. The aim is to heal humankind and lead them to a state of mental well-being while maintaining a balance in all areas of life. 

Why healing and meditation?

Mindful healing and meditation is a combination of body, mind and soul. Each contributes to the process of growth. However, simply meditating is not enough. It is equally important to put your thoughts into action and attract the people who will contribute to your growth. Focused meditation and healing  is a balance of spirituality and the practical aspects of life. It can cleanse the emotional blockages in your life and empower you to flourish as an individual. And it all starts with connecting with yourself.

From Mess to Messmerised

A book holds the potential to transform you in several ways

From Mess to Mesmerized talks about the techniques of transformation in a context and will take you on a journey of self-realization.

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