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Whether the need is better communication or stress management or better leadership skills or time or conflict management, Natasha can help your teams and you unlock the potential and solve problems through Training and facilitation .

These tools and techniques have helped millions of people become more focused on their goals, think more positively, develop their leadership skills, improve their Emotional Intelligence and thus achieve success in the business they work in.

Here are some of the training and facilitation.

  • Pathway to Success
  • Breakfree from Ordinary
  • Relationship Mastery
  • Conscious Communication
  • Supercharge your life
  • Health and Wellness
  • Middleclass to Millionaire

Through meditation Natasha has helped people focus their minds, de-stress their lives, better their health and achieve greater peace. Natasha has access to a variety of meditation techniques which include

  • Adaptive Meditation - helps to adapt your mental and physical state to be able to handle all these tough situations calmly.
  • Dance Meditation - a form of dynamic movement which helps to liberate the power within and harness it for greater use.

Apart from the services above, we also customise workshops as per requirement of our clients.

Create your Destiny

Thoughts energy How to change the way you think

Thoughts Process and thought energy

Money blueprint how to change

Create attitude of Gratitude


Emotional inner guidance system

How to develop institution 6th Sense

Institution and Subsconcious Mind

How to reconnect with yourself and increase your energy

Middleclass to Millionaire
  • Millionaires  think long term while middle class thinks short term.
  • Millionaires talks about ideas while middle class talks about things and people.
  • Millionaires embrace change while middle class is threatened by change.
  • Millionaires take calculated risks while middle class afraid to take risks.
  • Millionaires continually learn and grow while middle class thinks learning ended with school.
  • Millionaires works for profits while middle class works for wages.
  • Miillionaires believe they must be generous while middle class believes they cant afford to give.
  • Millionaires have multiple sources of income while middle class have only one or two.


  • Millionaires focus on increasing their net worth while middle class focus on increasing their pay checks.
  • Habit of extra mile
Money Workshop



Access Your Subconscious_

Learn How To Ask and Receive_

Unravel You Self - Talk_

Open Up Your Receiving Capacity_

Stop Self - Sabotage_

Learn to Unlearn_

Eliminate Energy Deflators_

Meet Your Future Self_

Healthier and Happier You_

Breakfree from Ordinary

Thomson Edison said every cell thinks?

Henry Ford said If you think you can if you think you can't either way you are right evidence shows it ?

How to do the extraordinary?

5 ways to to change your blueprint.

Change your intrinsic motivation?

Change your belief systems?

Learn how to be aware of yourself?








About me

Meet Natasha.

Natasha Advani is an Intuitive Energy Alchemist Internationally certified (ICF FEDERATION) Trainer and Coach,



IDEA: Employ Energy Alchemy to help YOU transform your self-limitations into self-actualization of your potential with the help of advance techniques, tools and systems of energy transformation.

Activating Self-Actualization Potential in Ambitious Leaders with Energy Alchemy & Transformation Secrets

She has spent years helping people make big changes, empower their lives, achieve peace of mind and success in their personal and professional lives as well as improve their relationships, finances and health.

Natasha offers her services in the areas of personal and professional self-development:

Natasha has been featured in the Asian age Newspaper and has won Ishama Award and Wow Award for Internationally certified Life Coach trainer.She has been also featured in the Chartered Accountants Magazine and H.R College of Commerce Magazine.

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