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Award Winning Internationally certified Life Coach and Trainer
Natasha Advani Yoga
Natasha advani Yoga
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Award Winning
Intuitive Energy Alchemist
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Award Winning Best Internationally Life Coach and Trainer
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Natasha Advani yoga
Natasha Advani Yoga
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Brand Manifesto

Employ Energy Alchemy to help YOU transform your self-limitations into self-actualization of your potential with the help of advanced techniques, tools, and systems of energy transformation.
Activating Self-Actualization Potential in Ambitious Leaders with Energy Alchemy & Transformation Secrets.







Workshops Can Help You

  • Free yourself from past patterns

  • Clear the blocked emotions that cause stuckness and health challenges

  • Release worry, fear and negative self talk

  • Stop taking on other peoples’ stuff

  • Restore health, harmony and balance in all areas of life

  • Create physical and mental well-being

  • Feel less alone

  • Manifest your heart’s desires to create the life you want to live


  • Intuitive readings and energy healing 

  • Exercises that facilitate deep transformation

  • Learning practical tools you can use immediately


Breakthroughs For Every Area Of Life





Better and Better Every Day, in Every Way


Shyam V. Iyer

Natasha is a bundle of energy and fun person to be with. Her lifelong learning attitude and zeal is something which I really appreciate about.

I found her workshop to be very powerful, practical and lives you with a deep impact. She creates magic by using the right blend of music, meditative techniques and various other forms of healings in her session. Wishing her all the very best for her future programs and may her goal of becoming Anthony Robbins of India come true.

Shyam V. Iyer

Head HR The Tata Power Company Limited , Strategic Engineering Division (Tata Power SED)

Shardul Shah

Dear Ms. Natasha Advani  We would like to thank you for your Stress Management  program at WIRC of ICAI Indeed all the CA members and students had a great time, and am sure all would find it useful in their day to day life as well We would like to appreciate your kind gesture to come and spare your valuable time with us We wish you all the very best, and would like to support you and your initiatives in future as well, for the betterment of persons at large Thanks

Shardul Shah

M.A. Shah & Co., Chartered Accountants Mumbai

Jasbeer Sodi

Natasha gave a wonderful ,encouraging and refreshing lecture Time Management Seminar at H.R College of Commerce and Economics. The Students really loved the lecture as it was a lot of learning along with fun so that the students could learn in a better way. Thank you so much Natasha .Looking forward doing more lectures at our College.

Jasbeer Sodi

Professor of H.R. College

Pooja Singh

Before the workshop I was feeling tired and Exhausted .Thanks so much for conducting such a wonderful  on Stress Management workshop .It was refreshing, energetic and peace of mind session. I do 5 mins meditation daily and also use to think that I can’t do beyond 5 mins but in today’s session I did it for 15-20 mins and I really  felt I can do it. Natasha – a special thanks to you for being such a wonderful and great.

Pooja Singh

Taxation Piramal

Poonam Joshi

I attended workshop on power of positive thinking before few months taken by Natasha Mam but its impact is still alive in my mind. It was a wonderful workshop. It helped me to overcome from tension, stress and changed my attitude towards life. I would like to attend it again if i get chance. Thank you Natasha Mam really it was a awesome workshop.

Poonam Joshi

Senior Finance Executive Emirates leisure Retail Dubai.

Sheetal Parab

Hi Natasha, Before the workshop I was very stressed .After your workshop I felt calm and composed. Thank you so much for this wonderful session on Meditation. in the Positive affirmation workshop of yours. I really liked it. It was conducted in a very informal and friendly manner. I am interested in to buy meditation CDS.

Sheetal Parab

Manager Taxation.Piramal

DR Jamshed D Sunavala

Surprising, this coming from one so young, may sound ambitious and presumptuous and may be so —- but youth brings its own breath of fresh air, genuineness of feeling and candour, so rare otherwise. Natasha begins with the opening quote from Marcus Aurelius and that tells us all” The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thought “ Rest of the book flows in an easy and fluid language and this in a masterful fashion . She has added her own personal touch to a subject so dear to her and I am sure that both young and old will savourit .So pick up this little gem now — it may still not be too late.

DR Jamshed D Sunavala

Dr Kishu H Mansukhani

This book is a life transforming book it shows us fantastic techniques that drive you to live a successful and fulfilling life. One can identify with the book which heals us to deal with daily life situations in life in a productive way and helps me to look at a whole new perspective.

Dr Kishu H Mansukhani

Trustee and President HSNC Board

Swati Piramal

Natasha’ s book makes very interesting reading. I have seen her discover herself from being an assistant in the media business to becoming an entrepreneur. She has innate spirituality and applies it her life and those whom she coaches. Her pleasant personality makes it a pleasure for anyone to experience her training and imbibe important lessons in life.

Swati Piramal

Dr Swati Piramal

Natasha Advani’s book “From Mess to Mesmerized” offers solutions to challenges faced by us on a daily basis. It is a philosophical and practical guide to achieve true success. The principles of this book remind the reader of their purpose in life, and helps them navigate human relationships while developing their emotional intelligence.

Dr Swati Piramal

Vice Chairman of Piramal Enterprises

Anil Harish

Natasha’s dedication and sincerity is apparent on every page of her book. The principles she has very clearly enunciated can be very useful in re-orienting the direction of one’s life. I wish her all success.

Anil Harish

Owner DM Harish and Company

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