16th September 2020 New moon today.

16th September 2020 New moon today.

1)Its pitradosh any of your loved ones passed away still attached to them let them go release them cut all chords from them.

2)If you’re ready for a new beginning, here’s everything you should and shouldn’t do during the September 2020 new moon to ensure you make the most of this month’s lunar vibes.

3)Let go of all the past pain anger resentment.

4)The earth is going through a Transformation and are you.
5) Let go of your past and welcome the new you.

6)Peter Diamandis is a futurist and he said foremost leader technology started private space travel he said 2016 to 2022 we will see as much change in the world as 1900 to 2000.

7) But that’s a hundred years of change in 6 years but its accelerating between 2022 and 2026 we are going to see a 100 years of change in 4 years the world is changing fast we have to adapt its not just changing exponentialize because of technologies it many be changing because of climate disabilities ,political destabilization .

8) #covid19 are bringing lot of change on planet Earth infact whole humanity.

9#educationn system changing #management is changing
11) # Health is most important

12) Will keep you posted New Program How to Navigate from the world of 3d to 5d.

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