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Coaching Testimonial from a Client

Being baked, roasted, cooked, grilled, deep & shallow fried in #money

As a CA, am exposed to finance since 25+ years. However a 1 on 1 coaching session with intuitive life designer Natasha Advani completely changed my psychological perspectives on money –

Sharing some learnings –

1) Does money mean either of – energy, financial freedom, security, happiness, joy, absence of stress, status symbol, position, happiness to U?
2) Your point of view on money creates your reality.
3) Does money taste sweet, salty, spicy, smooth or shiny to U?
4) whats your relationship with money? How does it look like? In which direction do U see it coming?
5) what does abundance mean? What r your challenges about money?
6) what r your money myths – efforts, delays, length of stay, bits & pieces or parts?

Money has deep dimensions, aspects & introspections – Derisk from the money risk by having a coaching session with Natasha – Proximity with quality professionals like Natasha is really power.

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