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Natasha advani-Intuititve Energy Alchemist

The more you meditate the less likely you can make a mistake. According to one of the biggest fortune Companies has had these programs.

.After meditations the concentration and creativity improves.

Nowadays is important EQ is even more important. After these programs listen lot better,Work productivity improves, understand every situation better.

The aim of developing emotional intelligence is to help you to optimize yourself and function at an even higher level that that what you are already capable of.

For example Goleman reported emotional competencies to make unto 80 to 100 percent of distinguishing competencies of outstanding leaders.

More harmonious relationships. Better Health. Being Happy with yourself. As it is proved Matthieu Richard is the happiest man in the world.

Alan Wallace western top experts in the practice of relaxed concentration said happiness is a default state of mind. So when the mind gets calms and clear. It returns to the default state of happiness.

We learn Self-control:-Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check.

Trustworthiness:- Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity.

Conscientiousness:-Taking responsibility for personal performance.

Adaptability:-Flexibility in handling change

Innovation:- Being comfortable with novel ideas approaches and information.