About Natasha

Ishma Award and Wow Award Winner for Internationally Certified Life Coach and trained hundreds of people
Given Seminars to Fortune 500 companies Chartered accountancy firms Prestigious Clubs Colleges and Schools
Featured in Chartered accountant Newsletter Article featured at Asian Age Magazine and at Pagalguy.com
Clients from UK, USA, India & Dubai

Natasha Advani

Meet Natasha.

Natasha Advani is an internationally certified (International Coaching Federation) Trainer and Coach, Access Bar facilitator and Access Body Processor, Crystal Healer, Angel Card Reader, Acupressurist, Animal Healer, and Bach Flower Therapist.

She has spent years helping people make big changes, empower their lives, achieve peace of mind and success in their personal and professional lives as well as improve their relationships, finances, and health.

Natasha offers her services in the areas of personal and professional self-development:

Life Coaching • Access Bars / Access Body / Access Facelifts • Meditation • Alternative Healing Modalities (Symphony of Possibilities) • NLP Certified Training • Angel Cards • Animal Healing • Accupressure • Bach Flower Therapy

She offers sessions suited to your unique needs from one-on-one sessions to large workshops, which are open to everyone from executives to housewives to businessmen to entrepreneurs to students.

Results Delivered to Clients

• Stress Reduction
• Time Management
• Focus
• More Energy
• Increased Income
• Resolving Fear Issue,
• Weight Loss/Increased Fitness
• Healing Relationships
• Championship Performance


Adversity they say, builds character and empathy. Years ago, as a young child Natasha faced a bitter truth of life, when she lost her mother of cancer.After a few years another devastating setback, she lost a very close friend suffering from cancer as well. That's what led her to the question her choices and search for the meaning of life. She tried many methods by healing her mind and spirit such as meditattion ,Reiki ,Access Bars and many more proven methods. It worked so well for her that she looked around and noticed many other people who were on a similiar search for meaning and peace in life, she decided to help them find Peace of Mind and Spirit because whether the older generation or today's generation everyone faces a lot of trouble with their personal and professional fronts. Today she works with people by helping people becasue she beleives that life is a gift by God which should be celebrated together.

Talk to Natasha

Have you found a way to work through your problems and Stress? Does Stress keep you up at night? Are you living your most authentic life? Have you fulfilled the potential that resides withing you?

If you have any faced these questions at any time in your life and need a solution, talk to Natasha.

Natasha Advani is an internationally certified (ICF FEDERATION) Trainer and Coach, Access Bar facilitator and Access Body Processor.

Natasha has spent years helping people make big changes, empower their lives, achieve peace of mind and success in their personal and professional lives as well as improve their relationships, finances and health.



Helping people in achieve success in their professional spheres too.
These techniques also help people become more focused on their goals, think more positively, develop their leadership skills, improve their Emotional Intelligence and thus achieve success in the business they work in.

Internationally Certified Coach by The International Coach Federation (ICF) – the world’s largest coaching association • Access Bar Practitioner/Access Body Process Facilitator • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner • Train The Trainer Certification • Mind Mapping Practitioner • Participation in “Unleash The Power” by Tony Robbins • Ishma Award as Internationally Certified Trainer 2015 (featured on Care World TV Channel)
Stress Management • Positive Thinking • Relationship Mastery • Health and Wellness • Communication • Potential Inside Out • Access Bar Consciousness • Leadership Development • Time Management Skill Development • Goal Setting • Conflict Management • Image Management • Coaching for Success • Life Transformation • Change Management
Mind – Education, Career & Business
Body – Fitness, Health & Energy
Spirit – Relationship Management & Self Love
To large corporates and Fortune 500 companies around the globe

• Fortune 500
• Financial associations
• The Piramal Group
• The Essar Group
• Chartered Accountants Association
• H.R College of Commerce and Economics, K C College
• Indo American Society
• Indian Oil Corporation
• Tata Research and Development

• Cricket Club of India




Natasha started her career in the banking industry where she spent five years gleaning experiences in handling clients and accounts; following her immense sense of adventure and curiosity she then entered the glamorous media and events industry. This industry is what honed her ability to build lasting and beneficial relationships with customers and vendor partners to create exceptional experiences.

In her time she has seen personally observed and experienced everything from high pressure work environments to fast paced lifestyles to the rat race to the pressures on close relationships – and of course the stress this delivers on a person’s body, mind and spirit. This triggered her interest in developing a more meaningful life for herself and finding avenues for peace of mind and joy beyond the material space. She also noticed in people a search for something to fill the emptiness in their lives or the struggle for a fulfilling life, freedom from stress and pain.

And that’s what led her to help people. As an expert Life Coach and Trainer, Natasha possesses the distinctive quality of winning crowds over during her session with multiple groups of people. However keeping in mind the comfort of the audience, she can also working individually in case someone requires personalized attention and sessions.

Message from Natasha

I feel a sense of joy and happiness and high on energy when I deliver lectures. I feel very elated when people experience benefits from them and start seeing changes in their life.

It touches my heart when I get e-mails from people saying your meditation was very relaxing and they got answer to their problems. They feel very relaxed.

I feel a sense of achievement within me since I have come so far in life fighting this battle on my own to move ahead and win in life no matter what.

Access Foundation Certificate
Joy of business certificate
Access Foundation level 1
Access Conciousness bar Facilitator
Anthony Robbins Training Program