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Testimonials from Clients 

Dr. Indu Shahani

President & Chair: ISDI | ISME | ISDI WPP

Principal - HR College of Commerce & Economics 2000 to 2016

Sheriff of Mumbai 2008 & 2009

Member University Grants Commission 2011 to 2014


"Natasha Advani's book "From Mess to Mesmerized" offers solutions to challenges faced by us on a daily basis. It is a philosophical and practical guide to achieve true success.The principles of this book remind the reader of their purpose in life, and helps them navigate human relationships while developing their emotional intelligence." 


Dr Swati  Piramal,Vice Charmain / Piramal Enterprises


 Natasha’ s book makes very interesting reading. I have seen her discover herself from being an assistant in the media business to becoming an entrepreneur. She has innate spirituality and applies it her life and those whom she coaches. Her pleasant personality makes it a pleasure for anyone to experience her training and imbibe important lessons in life



Dr Kishu H Mansukhani Trustee and President HSNC Board :-

This book is a life transforming book it shows us fantastic techniques that drive you to live a successful and fulfilling life.One can identify with the book which hels us to deal with daily life situations in life in a productive way and helps me to look at a whole new perspective.

Dr. Jamshed D Sunavala

Surprising, this coming from one so young, may sound ambitious and presumptuous and may be so —- but youth brings its own breath of fresh air, genuineness of feeling and candour , so rare otherwise. Natasha begins with the opening quote from Marcus Aurelius and that tells us all”The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thought “ Rest of the book flows in an easy and fluid language and this in a masterful fashion . She has added her own personal touch to a subject so dear to her and I am sure that both young and old will savour it . So pick up this little gem now — it may still not be too late.


Shardul shah CA (Dr) Partner in MA Shah and Co

Excellent work by a very dedicated and hard working and every smiling person Natasha. The various chapters in the book are explained in simple language and with examples which relate to us daily. Am sure all will be immensely benefited by this book. A great new beginning. V happy and proud of you


Kabir Jerath Kemco Technologies WLL Kingdom of Bahrain

The book is a must-read.It has many life-transforming techniques which will help you for a greater Life Harmonious relationships and live an extraordinary life.


Dr.Shanti  Shahani Endocrinologist:-   

After her postgraduate studies as M.D. in President's award..The book is life transforming.It gives very extraordinary way of living life and achieve your Dreams.


 Sam Cawthorn  Australian motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur.

-From Mess to Messmerised  is a powerpacked tool that will help its readers to deal and overcome daily challenges. 

Natasha has brought together a promising book, filled with productive information. It is bound to help you live a life of abundance with happiness at its core.

I wish her and all the readers a fulfilling and successful life.


Sabira Merchant Top Miss India Trainer,Tv Personality

Natasha book is very Life transforming and fantastic insights if you want to change any area of your life.

  Gautam Gaglani ownner of Right Selection speakers .

This is book has outstanding techniques on how to transform your life.They are put in a very simple and effective way.It will help you to transform your life for the better.


Yusuf Iqbal Yusuf Advocate, Supreme Court of India

In many ways, the information presented by Natasha Advani is better than what you will find anywhere else. This particular collection is a fantastic starting point on one’s journey of enlightenment. Perhaps it's all that some people will ever need or want. Natasha draws key wisdom from the lives of her friends and the people around her and motivates you to step outside your comfort zone and do all this things you have always wanted to do but have had apprehensions of some sort. It truly inspires you to be fearless in every sense. What I appreciate about the book is that Natasha enables her readers to focus on specific themes of greatest interest to them such as:

The Power of Judgement: Change your thoughts, change your life

Harmonious relationships - The goal is to be perfect for each other Following your passion - Doing what you love, doing what works Gratitude - Keeping it in perspective

Being yourself - Appreciating your depth Health is wealth -

Transforming yourself, transforming the world I also appreciate the inclusion of brief quotations wherever they are most relevant. From mess to mesmerized can be your best friend and champion, expressing a faith in your essential greatness that is sometimes hard to get from another person. Whatever recognizes our right to dream, then shows us how to make the dream a reality, is powerful and valuable. What she offers is by no means a buffet of motivational "hors d'oeuvres." On the contrary, the content selected is solid and skillfully presented within an appropriate context. I am convinced that many of those who read this book will be encouraged to read (or re-read) it in it’s entirety! The bottom line is that this book presents a fantastic opportunity to delve into material that will have a positive effect on your life. Immersing yourself in material like this can truly be life changing. Even if you do not think you need any advice, this book is priceless. It not only provides you insight into your own actions, but gives you a window to improve, improvise and live a better life; physically, mentally and spiritually.


Ashvin Kamla Daulat Gidwani - Owner of Ashvin Gidwani Productions Pvt Ltd

Natasha is a sensitive writer who weaves a solution to kinder the soul.