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Natasha Advani - Internationally certified Trainer, Coach, Access Bar facilitator,Access body Processor

Internatinally certified Trainer, Coach, Access bar Faciliatator, NLP Certified, Alternative healing

“Some women fear fire and some simply become one” a famous old saying that we all agree with. Life is a roller coaster ride which is joyous for some, excitement for others, adventure for the rest and some are terrified with it. But this is what life is all about. A blend of happy and joyous moments and it’s very important to cherish each and every moment.
Natasha Advani is the biggest example to witness alive who left no stone unturned in achieving what she desired for. Natasha Advani, who is an internationally certified (ICF FEDERATION) Trainer and coach, Access Bar facilitator and Access body processor, is honoured by various organizations for her commendable work in her field. Her experience made her so much mature than her age that she became one of the most renowned personalities.


Natasha (being a self-motivated and highly competent professional) has the aptness of connecting with huge amount of crowd with her ability to deliver her content perfectly with the blend of splendid sense of humour. She has undertaken various courses on:

• Access bars,Access body Processes,Acess facelift
• Mind Mapping
• Pathway to Sucess
• Relationship Mastery
• Goal Setting
• Team Building
• Time and Stress Management

 • She has won the Personality Contest in H. R. College, Mumbai in the year.

Natasha has been invited as the Chief Guest by the Indo American Society for her lectures.
Natasha actively has undertaken more than twenty different workshops and certification courses since 2009. She has bagged achievements at various levels through global experts in the field of:

• Personal Wellness
• Access bars,Access body 
• Leadership


Results Delivered to Clients
• Stress Reduction
• Time Management
• Focus
• More Energy
• Increased Income
• Resolving Fear Issue,
• Weight Loss/Increased Fitness
• Healing Relationships
• Championship Performance

    She started working in the banking industry for five years and then decided to step into the glamourous industry of media and events. This journey towards the dazzling industry of events and media along with her life changing experiences made her realize the true value of time, efforts, relationship and awards. As a professional in her field, Natasha possesses the distinctive quality of managing the crowd of thousands and lakhs of people while conducting her session. But, on the other hand, she loves working individually in case someone is not comfortable with the people around. Natasha Advani firmly believes in the concept of making choice of taking a chance or else your life will not change. Natasha’s coaching has made a huge difference in people’s life. They have experienced a wide difference into their personalities. She also conducted seminars at LOS ANGELES.
    Natasha started providing seminars to large corporate organizations and fortune 500 companies  
    • Fortune 500
    • Financial associations
    • The Piramal Group
    • The Essar Group
    • Chartered Accountants Association
    • H.R College of Commerce and Economics ,K C College 
    • Indo American Society
    • Indian Oil Corporation
    • Tata Research and Development


Natasha has established her own Life Coaching Methodology with her extensive experience in Learning & Development she has the ability to work on Organization Development or Personal Attributes. She has also been a part of various motivational sessions conducted by Global leaders like ANTHONY ROBINS,  ROBERT KIYOSAKI , HARV EKER,GERRY ROBERTS ,GARY DOUGLAS AND DAIN HEER and many more.


Natasha Advani lost her mother, who was suffering from cancer at a tender age of 7. It took a lot of time for her to grasp this bitter reality of life as she was way too attached with her mother. After few weeks, she lost a very close friend suffering from cancer as well. This incident devastated her completely and she was at a point of her life where she had no idea what was going on with her. Natasha, irrespective of this situation lift herself up all over again and decided to fight with her state of mind in order to search for the true meaning of life. She decided to gift people with something which everyone desires for i.e. “Peace of mind and soul” because today’s generation face a lot of trouble with their personal and professional fronts. She lifted herself up removing all the obstacles within herself because she believes that life is a gift by God which should be celebrated together.

Natasha, who has clearly experienced this dark phase of life when she was all alone, believes that only in the darkest hour of our life we can truly discover ourselves. Someone truly said “Our greatest battles are the one with our own minds” and overcoming them is what makes our life worthwhile. Natasha Advani is one of the most optimist and amiable speaker with the gifted talent to inspire people to always move ahead in life touching the heights of success.  She is professionally active in this field from the past ten years.

Views regarding her work:

I feel a sense of joy and happiness and high on energy when I deliver lectures. I feel very elated when people experience benefits from them and start seeing changes in their life.

It touches my heart when I get e-mails from people saying your meditation was very relaxing and they got answer to their problems. They feel very relaxed.

I feel a sense of achievement within me since I have come so far in life fighting this battle on my own to move ahead and win in life no matter what.

So, if you are ready to witness the best version in you, Natasha Advani is just a call away.
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Access Foundation Certificate
Anthony Robbins Training Program
Access Foundation level 1
Access Conciousness bar Facilitator
NLP Certified Certificate
ppreciation letter for a lecture given at Los Angeles
Joy of business certificate
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